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Samantha Davis, a graduate of Pearland High School and long-time Pearland resident, is the mother to an adult daughter with autism, a speech impairment, and ADHD. Samantha was introduced to the world of special education in her daughter’s second grade year. She had concerns about her daughter’s speech prior to that, but her concerns were dismissed by the school. Second grade began an eleven-year journey down the special-education path that culminated with her daughter graduating high school on time. During the eleven-year process, she learned much about her rights, her daughter’s rights, and how to effectively advocate for her daughter. She learned how to deal with barriers and excuses the school would utilize in order to not provide the services her daughter needed, and she learned how to overcome them. She also encountered other parents along the way and helped them advocate for their children too.

As a result of all that she learned and from helping other parents navigate the special education process, Samantha founded Davis Advocates in February 2011 and started her journey as a professional special education advocate.



Davis Advocates is a special education advocacy firm located in Pearland, Texas.  Our mission is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives for their child’s educational program and assist them in securing appropriate services from their child’s school.


Samantha assists parents in navigating the special education system by arming them with information and options to help them make informed decisions regarding their child’s education program.  She will help your prepare for ARD (IEP) or Section 504 meetings, attend those meetings with you and help you work with your child’s team to develop an appropriate, individualized education program based on your child’s needs.


Parent coaching is for parents who do not feel the need to have an advocate at their school meetings but needs some help preparing for the meeting.  Coaching services are individualized and based on the knowledge level of the parent.


Samantha offers free parent training workshops that are designed to help parents gain information they need to increase their advocacy skills.

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