What is an Advocate?



An advocate is a person who speaks or writes in support of, on behalf of, or in defense of another person or cause.

A special education advocate is not an attorney.  They have knowledge of the special education process and state and federal special education laws.

An advocate provides support, encouragement, and information to parents.  They work with parents and the school district to help secure appropriate educational services for their child.


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Samantha Davis

Founder/Special Education Advocate & Consultant

Samantha Davis has over 15 years experience in special education advocacy.  She has attended countless ARD and Section 504 meetings helping parents navigate the special education process.  She believes in working collaboratively with school districts to develop an appropriate education program for her clients.

In addition to providing advocacy and consulting services, Samantha has presented to local support groups, at local and state conferences, as well as on local radio discussing the challenges parents and students going down the special education path face in the State of Texas.  Samantha started holding monthly parent workshops in August 2016 to provide free parent training to parents in the Pearland area.  She believes that the more knowledge parents have regarding the special education process the more effectively they are able to advocate for their child.  Samantha is a member of COPAA and is active in local support groups.

Samantha is a non-attorney special education advocate.  She does not offer legal advice or services.  She can provide contact information for a special education attorney should one be needed.