Special Education and Section 504 Advocacy

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  • Help you advocate for your child;
  • Review all records and create a case summary;
  • Explain IDEA and Section 504 and help you determine which program will be appropriate for your child;
  • Recommend accommodations, supports and related services based on the individual needs of your child;
  • Attend ARD (IEP), Section 504 or any other school meetings with the parent;
  • Draft letters and documents;
  • Year round services including progress monitoring;
  • Parent training.


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What is an Advocate?

An advocate is a person who speaks or writes in support of, on behalf of or in defense of a person or cause.

A special education advocate is not an attorney.  They have knowledge of the special education process and state and federal special education laws.

An advocate provides support, encouragement and information to parents.  They work with parents and the school districts to help secure appropriate services.