Parent Coaching




  • Coaching services are provided by Samantha Davis and consist of two sessions:
  • The initial session will be one hour.  Parent(s) will meet with Samantha to discuss knowledge level of the special education process, development of strategies for organizing records and record keeping, the role of the parent agenda and assignments to be completed prior to the next meeting;
  • The second session will be approximately two hours in length.  The session will be tailored based on knowledge level of the parent(s).  Some of the topics the session may cover are:
    • Explanation of the special education process;
    • Review of Procedural Safeguards;
    • Review of evaluation and current IEP document;
    • Explanation of the what is to be included in your child’s IEP;
    • Tips and strategies for preparing for, attending and following up after the ARD (IEP) meeting; and 

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