What We Offer

Advocacy and Coaching Services


We offer two service packages:  Advocacy and Coaching Services.  Samantha Davis can assist you in determining which service package will fit your needs.  

Advocacy Services (ARD/IEP) and Section 504:

  • Help you advocate for your child;
  • Review all records and evaluations and create a case summary with recommendations;
  • Explain IDEA and Section 504 and help you determine which program will be appropriate for your child;
  • Recommend accommodations, supports and related services based on the individual needs of your child;
  • Attend ARD (IEP), Section 504 or any other school meetings with the parent;
  • Draft requests, letters, responses and complaints to the school;
  • Draft TEA or OCR complaints;
  • Year round services beyond the ARD/504 meeting;
  • Provide parents with information and training to increase their advocacy skills and help them make informed decisions regarding their child’s education.

Samantha does not file for or attend mediation or due process hearings.  If the need arises for mediation or due process, she will provide a referral to a special education attorney.

Samantha currently advocates for parents in the greater Houston, Texas area.  She will travel to other parts of the state on a case by case basis. Samantha is available to attend meetings via video or telephone conferencing outside of the greater Houston area.  Please call (936) 524-4713 to schedule a FREE initial consultation and for more information.  

Coaching Services:

  • Coaching services are provided by a special education advocate and consist of two sessions for a total of three hours.
    • The initial session will be one hour.  Parent will meet with Samantha Davis to discuss knowledge level of the special education process, development of strategies for organizing records and record keeping, the role of the parent agenda and assignments for the parent to complete prior to the next meeting.
    • The second session will be two hours in length.  The session will be tailored based on the knowledge level of the parent.  Some of the topics the session may cover are:
      • Explanation of the Special Education Process;
      • Review of the Procedural Safeguards;
      • Review of evaluation documents and current IEP;
      • Explanation of what is to be included in your child’s IEP;
      • Tips and strategies for preparing for, attending and following up after ARD meeting; and 
      • Tips for working collaboratively with your child’s school

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