Advocacy Fees

Non-Refundable Retainer


Advocacy Hourly Rate


Travel Hourly Rate



1. Payment Methods

I accept payment by cash, check, Chase Quick Pay, Zelle or credit card.

2. Free one hour consultation

I offer a free one-hour consultation.

3. Non-Refundable Retainer

A non-refundable retainer of $300.00. The non-refundable retainer is to secure services with Davis Advocates and is the minimum fee due Davis Advocates in order for advocacy services to begin and is considered earned upon receipt.

4. Billable Time

Advocacy services provided will be billed against the retainer until the retainer is exhausted. After the retainer is exhausted you will be responsible for any amount due. Time will be billed at a rate of $95 per hour in increments of 10 minutes with the exception of text messages which will be billed at a rate of 3 minutes per text message.

5. Travel Time

For any meetings more than 15 miles from Davis Advocates, travel time will be charged at a rate of $60 per hour after the first 30 minutes.

6. Costs

Depending on the complexity of the situation initial advocacy services average 10 to 15 hours. After that, they usually average 3 to 5 hours a school year unless there are complex issues that require multiple ARD meetings.
Fee Schedule
A detailed fee schedule is provided with the consent for services.
Reduced rates available for first responders and members of the military and veterans.
Securing Services
Consent for Services must be signed and retainer fee received before advocacy services can begin.
Initial Consultation Meeting
Initial Consultation Meeting
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As a parent dealing with the special education or Section 504 process, I know it can be overwhelming and intimidating. But you don’t have to go through it alone. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

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