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Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

šŸŽāœļø Is your child in special education? Get ready to conquer the new school year with confidence! Check out these essential back-to-school tips for parents and set your child up for success. šŸ“š #BacktoSchool #SpecialEducation”

Working Collaboratively With Your Child’s School

1. Collaboration is key in working with the ARD (IEP) committee for your child’s education.
2. Building positive relationships, preparing for meetings, advocating for your child, and embracing teamwork are essential.
3. Listening and learning from the perspectives of the ARD committee members is valuable.
4. Staying informed, respecting differences, and actively participating in the collaborative process are important for your child’s educational journey.

Working Collaboratively with Your Child’s School

This post provides guidance on how to develop a positive and collaborative relationship with your child’s teacher to ensure the best possible support and education for your child. It emphasizes the importance of open communication, respect, sharing information, understanding and strategizing, as well as building relationships with the teacher and other support team members.

What to do after the ARD (IEP) Meeting

What to do after the ARD (IEP) Meeting

Helpful tips for parents to navigate the special education process and ensure their child receives the appropriate support and resources. The tips include reviewing the ARD (IEP) document, communicating with the child, understanding the child’s rights, educating oneself on the ARD (IEP) plan process, keeping detailed records, staying in touch with school staff, monitoring progress, requesting additional ARD (IEP) meetings or evaluations as needed, seeking additional support, knowing options for dispute resolution, and staying informed and updated about special education laws and regulations.

Tips for Attending the ARD (IEP) Meeting

Tips for Attending an ARD (IEP) Meeting

As a parent or guardian of a child with special needs, attending an ARD (IEP) meeting is important in ensuring that your child is offered an education program that enables them to make appropriate progress in light of their circumstances. To help make the most of the meeting, here are some constructive tips to help you prepare and navigate the process.

Creating a Parent Concerns and Vision Statement

Creating a Parent Concerns and Vision Statement

As a parent, attending an ARD (IEP) meeting can be an overwhelming experience. The meeting involves a team of professionals who review and discuss your child’s progress, goals, and services for the upcoming year. One way to feel more prepared and in control of the meeting is to create a Parent Agenda which was discussed in my last blog post. A component of the Parent Agenda is a Parent Concerns and Vision Statement.