This program is for the parent whose child recently received a diagnosis or who suspect their child may have a disability impacting their education and needs assistance navigating the evaluation process and first ARD/Section 504 meeting.
This program is the same as Getting Started with the addition of reviewing the evaluation and IEP and making recommendations.
This is for the parent who is comfortable sitting at the ARD/Section 504 table and is confident asking for what their child needs but would like to make sure they are not missing something.
This program is for the parent who is overwhelmed, has questions, and needs help preparing for the ARD meeting but does not necessarily need an advocate at the meeting. Parent will have some worksheets to fill out and return to assist Mrs. Davis in the development of the Parent Agenda.
This program gives you 4 hours of consultation time to assist you throughout the school year.
This program provides individual training to give you the knowledge to empower you to confidently advocate for your child.

Consent for Consulting Services must be signed and fees received before any consulting program begins. Program fees are non-refundable and are considered earned upon receipt.