Package 1: Getting Started


Package 1: Getting Started: This package is for the parent whose child recently received a diagnosis or who suspects their child may have a disability impacting their education and needs assistance navigating the evaluation process and first ARD/Section 504 meeting.

Duration: 2.5 hours Cost:  $200

  • Free one hour consultation to get to know you and your child, discuss your concerns and where you are in the evaluation process.
  • Meeting to help with writing a parent concerns letter requesting evaluations, explanation of the process and evaluation timeline, worksheets provided to help you prepare for your part in the evaluation process. (1 hour)
  • Meeting to review outcome of evaluations, explain the ARD process and coaching on preparing for the meeting including worksheets to help develop a parent agenda. (1 hour)
  • 15-minute phone consultations before and after the ARD/504 meeting.


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