Package 4: Full ARD Prep


Package 4: Full ARD Prep: This package is for the parent who is overwhelmed, has questions, and needs help preparing for the ARD meeting but does not necessarily need an advocate at the meeting.  Parent will have some worksheets to fill out and return to assist Mrs. Davis in the development of the Parent Agenda.

Duration:  4.5 hours Cost $360

  • Free one hour consultation to get to know you and your child and discuss any concerns you have regarding an upcoming ARD or Section 504 meeting.
  • Review of records provided by you, the information provided by you during the consultation meeting and on Client Information Sheet to create a case summary and recommendations.
  • Draft a parent concerns letter requesting an ARD meeting if one is not already scheduled.
  • Review proposed IEP provided by the school.
  • Develop a Parent Agenda including a Parent Input Statement for the ARD meeting. (3 hours)
  • Meeting prior to the ARD to discuss Parent Agenda, parent concerns, develop checklists for the ARD meeting and questions to ask at the ARD meeting. (1 hour)
  • 15-minute phone consultation before and after the ARD meeting.


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