Package 5: Consulting Access


Package 5: Consulting Access: This package gives you 4 hours of consultation time to assist you throughout the school year.

Duration:  4 hours Cost:  $320

  • Free one hour consultation to get to know you and your child and discuss any concerns you have regarding an upcoming ARD or Section 504 meeting.
  • Areas of assistance can include:
    • Review of your child’s current IEP/Section 504 Plan and evaluation;
    • Creation of a Parent Agenda;
    • Consulting throughout the school year as questions or issues arise; or
    • Custom services as determined at the initial consultation meeting.
  • The hours cover the current school year only.
  • Consultation time must be scheduled in advance and is subject to the availability of the advocate.  Consultations will be in increments of 15 minutes unless longer time is needed and specified in advanced.
  • Consult sessions or work performed will be billed at a rate of $80/hour.
  • Parent will receive a statement on the 10th and 25th of each month detailing amount used and balance remaining until the balance reaches zero.


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