Package 6: 1:1 Training


Package 6: 1:1 Training: This package provides individual training to give you the knowledge to confidently advocate for your child.

Duration:  Based on training plan Cost:  $80/hr.

  • Free 30-minute consultation to discuss areas you would like training in and to develop a training plan.
  • Topic areas can include:
    • How to prepare a Parent Agenda
    • How to research and find resources
    • The Special Education Process
    • PLAAFP statement and SMART goals
    • Building an IEP Binder
    • Drafting letters to the school and documenting conversations
    • The various components of the IEP document
    • Preparing for ARD meeting
    • Transitioning from ECI to PPCD
    • New diagnosis. Does my child need special education and how to get it?


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