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I help parents navigate the special education process, empowering them with information and choices to ensure their child receives the appropriate services to make progress in their education.

My mission is to take a genuine interest in my clients, understand their objectives for their child’s educational program, and assist them in securing appropriate services from the school.  I work hard for my clients, providing superior advocacy services in a timely and effective manner. 

A special education advocate is a person who helps parents and students navigate the special education system. They have in-depth knowledge about special education laws, programs, and resources available to students with special needs. Special education advocates work to ensure that students receive the appropriate educational support and services they need, and they can provide guidance, support, and advocacy throughout the process.


A journey to help my child turns into a passion to help others

I understand the challenges that parents of children with special needs face, as I have navigated the special education system. As a parent of a daughter with special needs, I experienced the same frustrations and spent countless hours writing letters to the school and attending ARD meetings without results. I realized that my daughter was not receiving the appropriate education she deserved and decided to educate myself about my daughter’s rights, the special education process, and federal and state laws.

My newfound knowledge helped me to advocate for my daughter and achieve positive results effectively. I am now passionate about helping other parents do the same. I ensure that parents are well-prepared for school meetings, and empowered with information and options regarding their child’s education. It is my belief that every child should have access to appropriate services based on their unique needs.

I understand the emotions and stress that come with raising a child with special needs, as well as the social stigma and isolation that parents may feel. My goal is to partner with parents in navigating their child’s educational journey, advocating for their child, and providing support and resources. With me by your side, you will feel more empowered and less alone on your journey.

Special Education & Section 504 Advocacy & Consulting

How I Can Help You

As an advocate and educational consultant, I am here to support you by providing essential information, helping you communicate effectively, and ensuring you understand all the options available to you.

Expert Guidance

An advocate can provide essential information, help families communicate effectively, and ensure they understand all the options available to them, ultimately making the special education process less overwhelming.

Objective Perspective

Advocates can provide an objective perspective in situations where emotions and stress may impact decision-making. They can help families make informed choices for their child’s education.

Personal Experience

Many special education advocates have personal experience navigating the special education system, either as parents of children with special needs or individuals with disabilities themselves. This personal experience allows them to empathize with and support families going through similar experiences.


Special education advocates empower parents and students by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively navigate the special education system and advocate for their rights.

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