Hi, I’m Samantha!

I guide parents through the special education process, empowering them with information and options to help them get the services their child needs in the school setting.

Davis Advocates: Special Education Advocate and Coach, IEP, ARD, Section 504

Our mission is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives for their child’s educational program, and assist them in securing appropriate services from the school.  We work hard for our clients, providing superior advocacy services in a timely and effective manner.

What is an Advocate?

An advocate is someone who guides you through the special education process, empowering you with information and options to help you get the services your child needs in the school setting.  They have knowledge of the special education process, IEPs, and 504 plans.  A good advocate will also know how to work collaboratively with the school and if needed help repair the relationship between the parent(s) and the school.


A journey into advocacy through perseverance.

I started my journey into advocacy over twenty years ago. I understand the challenges that parents of children with special needs face, having navigated the special education system myself. As a parent of a daughter with special needs,  I have experienced the same frustrations and spent countless hours writing letters to the school and attending ARD meetings. I realized that my daughter was not receiving the appropriate education she deserved and decided to educate myself about my daughter’s rights, the special education process, and federal and state laws.

This newfound knowledge helped me to effectively advocate for my daughter and achieve positive results. I am now passionate about helping other parents do the same. I make sure that parents are well-prepared for school meetings, armed with information and options regarding their child’s education. I believe that every child should have access to appropriate services based on their unique needs.

I understand the emotions and stress that come with raising a child with special needs, as well as the social stigma and isolation that parents may feel. My goal is to partner with you in navigating your child’s educational journey, advocating for your child, and providing support and resources. You will feel more empowered and less alone on your journey with me by your side.

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Why Hire an Advocate?

Navigating the world of IEPSs, 504s, goals and related services can be stressful and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be and better yet; you don’t have to do it alone.

New Diagnosis

It can be overwhelming to navigate the special education process and understand the impact of a child’s disability on their education. An advocate provides support and resources to help you from start to finish.

Level the Playing Field

Has the school ever told you, “We can’t provide X?” Did you wonder how accurate their statement was? A special education advocate will help you understand your rights and your child’s rights. This levels the playing field.


Evaluations, goals, FBA, IEP, LRE, and all the other special education lingo can sound like a foreign language if you are not familiar with it. A special education advocate can explain the documents and terminology to you and how they apply to your child. 

Is Anything Missing?

A special education advocate will make sure your child’s IEP document reflects all the services, accommodations, and other information discussed at the ARD meeting.  An advocate will also assist you in obtaining any services your child may need. 

Initial Consultation Meeting
Initial Consultation Meeting

What is holding you back from scheduling your free consultation?

As a parent dealing with the special education or Section 504 process, I know it can be overwhelming and intimidating. But you don’t have to go through it alone. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

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