Special Education & Section 504 Advocacy Services

Effective Advocacy

As your advocate, I advocate for your child to receive the appropriate educational support and services they need. I can effectively communicate and advocate for your child’s needs throughout the special education process.


By providing support, guidance, and expertise, I can help parents...

In-Depth Knowledge

I have an in-depth understanding of special education laws, programs, and resources available to students with special needs. I provide guidance and support based on my experience and first-hand knowledge of navigating the special education process.

Get Informed

I can help parents get informed by providing them with information about their rights and explaining the available special education services and programs that can address their child’s individual needs.

Additionally, I can assist parents in understanding assessments and reports, and how they relate to their child’s educational requirements.

Get Empowered

I can help parents effectively communicate with school staff, administrators, and other professionals involved in their child’s education. I assist in preparing for meetings, articulating concerns, and ensuring that parents’ voices are heard and respected.

I help empower parents by providing them with the advocacy skills they need to effectively navigate the special education system and advocate for their child’s rights. This may include strategies for working with schools, understanding individualized education plans (IEPs), and accessing appropriate resources and services for their child.

Get Organized

I can assist parents in gathering and organizing relevant documents, such as medical records, educational assessments, and correspondence with the school. I can teach parents how to organize these records so they can be easily accessed during an ARD or Section 504 meeting. I will also review and analyze these documents and make recommendations based on the findings.

I will work with parents to develop a clear plan of action, including setting goals, identifying priorities, and outlining the steps needed to advocate effectively for their child.

I accompany parents to school meetings, such as ARD or Section 504 meetings, to provide support, guidance, and to ensure that the parent’s concerns are effectively communicated to the school.

Get Support

As an advocate, I provide emotional support to parents, understanding the challenges and stress that come with raising a child with special needs. I offer encouragement, empathy, and a sense of solidarity, helping parents feel more empowered and less alone on their journey.

I also provide resources and information on special education services, accommodations, private specialists, and support networks available to parents and students with disabilities.


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